• Pedestrian Safety and Chicago Crosswalks

    Are pedestrians safe when they cross the street in Chicago in a crosswalk? Crosswalks are designed to ensure that pedestrians are not at risk of collision with a motor vehicle, and automobiles are required by law to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. However, pedestrian collisions happen much more often than you might think, and they often occur because a driver in a car or truck is not paying attention or is driving too quickly to come to a stop when[...]

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  • Some Winter Driving Tips

    Longtime residents are accustomed to harsh, almost arctic-like conditions during parts of the winter months, while newcomers and visitors may be caught a little off guard by the ferocity of a sudden winter storm. Regardless of what group you are in, it’s a good idea to review some winter driving tips. Operating a vehicle is especially hazardous in southern Illinois, because the population is more spread out and there are more undivided highways. Before you leave, send a brief text[...]

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  • Understanding Landowner Liability In Illinois

    Two million people a year are seriously injured after they fall on unsafe floors. Millions more are hurt because they slip on outside surfaces that have not been properly de-iced or that are poorly illuminated during non-daylight hours. Owners must also take care that persons aren’t injured because of swimming pools, animals, and other conditions that are not inherently dangerous but could present possible hazards. In many situations, owners are even liable for damages for the criminal acts of third[...]

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  • Which Pieces of Evidence Can I Use to Support my Car Accident Claim?

    After a car accident, you should remain at the scene to gather evidence to use later to support a personal injury claim. The only exception to this is if you are in need of critical medical care, in which case you need to get to the nearest emergency care provider as soon as possible. In non-emergency situations, the moments immediately following a collision are important because they provide evidence that often cannot be obtained later. If you file a personal[...]

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  • Know the Complications that Can Follow a Dog Bite

    As anybody who’s been bitten by a dog or watched a dog bite a human or animal victims knows, dog bites are painful. A bite from a small dog can be as painful as a bite from a large dog; teeth of any size can cut through flesh and cause the victim to lose a significant amount of blood. But the pain of a dog bite does not end when the dog lets go. Dog bites, particularly when they do[...]

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