• Four Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago

    Car accidents continue to be a common occurrence in Chicago, causing serious and potentially fatal injuries to drivers and their passengers. As Chicago personal injury attorneys, we help victims in these accidents hold responsible parties accountable, so they can get the compensation they need to recover. Based on our experience and reports by traffic safety experts, the following highlights some of the most common causes of these collisions. Reckless Driving Behavior a Leading Cause of Car Accidents According to the[...]

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  • Slip and Fall Injuries Are No Minor Matter

    Slipping and taking a fall in a public place can be embarrassing. While you may be tempted to laugh off or downplay the situation, the fact is that these types of accidents can have major impacts on your health and your future well-being. As Chicago personal injury attorneys, we know that even a seemingly minor slip and fall can leave you in excruciating pain, requiring the need for ongoing medical treatment, and resulting in permanent disabilities. The Real Reasons Behind[...]

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  • What Happens If I Am Partially to Blame for an Accident?

    If you were recently injured in a motor vehicle collision or another type of accident in Chicago, the losses you are experiencing can be devastating. In addition to the sheer pain and suffering you are experiencing as a result of the injury, you are likely receiving extensive medical treatments that are expensive, and in some cases your injuries may be so debilitating that you are unable to work. If you cannot work, you are also dealing with the harm of[...]

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  • What Should I Do After a Chicago Car Crash?

    Nobody expects to be in a serious car accident when leaving their apartments or houses for work, or when heading out to meet a friend or client for dinner. However, car accidents happen much more frequently than they should in Chicago and throughout Cook County. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 313,316 motor vehicle crashes in Illinois in 2015, and more than 20 percent of these collisions resulted in personal injuries. Some injuries are much more serious[...]

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  • Young Children and Dog Bite Injuries

    If you have young children at home, you may want to reconsider adopting a dog or allowing your child to visit the homes of friends or neighbors with pet dogs. According to a recent article in Reuters, a recent study determined that infants and toddlers make up a significant number of those treated for dog bites each year. And many of those children suffer dog bite injuries at their own homes or at the homes of people who are friends[...]

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