Tuesday 04, Sep, 2018

Chicago Commissioner Troubled by Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities

Chicago can prove challenging to navigate by foot, particularly when it comes to dealing with traffic and motorists. While the city does have crosswalks at many intersections and pedestrians sidewalks and paths, the fact is that collisions involving drivers are still a common occurrence. After decades of experience in handling these types of cases, our Chicago personal injury attorneys know that the injuries suffered are often severe. With little to protect them, pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users. The uptick over the past year of fatal pedestrian accidents has residents and city officials concerned.

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago

An early June 2018 post by Streets Blog Chicago reports on the disturbing spike in pedestrian accidents our area is experiencing, which include increasing numbers of fatal collisions. Statistics showing that in the early months of this year, these types of accidents had increased more than 45% compared to previous years.

The report highlighted an interview conducted with the Chicago Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld, in which she expressed her sorrow and outrage over the situation. She pointed out how each of the estimated 132 pedestrian accident deaths that occurred in 2017 represented a personal tragedy for the victim, their friends, and family members which could have been avoided and emphasized the need to implement the city’s Vision Zero plan.

Vision Zero Chicago is a city-wide plan that takes a multi-pronged approach to increase traffic safety for area residents and visitors. The goal is to use new laws and increased enforcement efforts, public safety education, and improvements to existing infrastructure to make city streets safer.

Ways to Protect Yourself

IDOT crash reports indicate that in addition to those killed as the result of pedestrian accidents in Cook County, close to 4,000 other people suffer serious injuries in these accidents each year. To protect yourself, take the following steps:

  • Pay attention when walking and avoid distractions such as earbuds or texting.
  • Wear light, bright colors, particularly when walking at night.
  • Use sidewalks whenever possible. If not available, walk facing traffic.
  • Always use designated crosswalks, rather than crossing mid-block;
  • Do not assume drivers see you. Instead, attempt to make eye contact.
  • Stay alert for signs such as car horns and the sound of brakes screeching, which could indicate that an accident is imminent.

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