Skokie Personal Injury

Skokie Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Clients in Skokie, Illinois

Many accidents and injuries in Skokie are preventable. It can be devastating to suffer a severe or debilitating injury caused by another party’s careless or reckless behavior. For example, a distracted driver might be talking on a cell phone or speeding, causing a serious traffic collision that results in injuries to many different motorists and their passengers. Or, for instance, a business owner in Skokie might fail to clean up a liquid spill on the floor, leading to a slip and fall injury that involves broken bones.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were more than 83,000 traffic collisions reported in the state in 2015. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 146,000 unintentional injury deaths happen every year in the United States from falls, motor vehicle crashes, accidental poisonings, and other incidents. If another party’s negligence caused your injuries, you deserve to seek financial compensation. A dedicated Skokie personal injury lawyer can help. Do not hesitate to reach out to the compassionate advocates at Arami Law for more information.

Understanding Personal Injury Law in Skokie

The dedicated advocates at Arami Law handle many different kinds of personal injury claims in Skokie, such as:

  • Motor vehicle crashes;
  • Workplace accidents;
  • Slips, trips, and falls;
  • Defective product injuries;
  • Medical errors and medical malpractice; and
  • Dog bites and animal attacks.

Personal injury law is a broad area of law that includes many different legal matters, and an Illinois personal injury lawyer at our firm can assess your case today.

Contributory Fault in a Skokie Accident

When you file a personal injury lawsuit in Skokie, you may be eligible to recover damages. Compensatory damages, which include both economic and non-economic damages, can compensate for losses including surgery bills, healthcare appointments, lost wages, disfigurement, and loss of life experience. But what happens if you are partially to blame for the accident? Can you still recover damages?

Under Illinois law on contributory fault (735 ILCS 5/2-1116), a plaintiff can still recover damages as long as she is not 51 percent or more responsible. Assuming the plaintiff is not more negligent than the defendant, she can receive damages that are reduced by her percentage of the fault. For example, if a plaintiff is found to be 40 percent responsible, her damages award will be reduced by that amount. If the plaintiff were awarded $100,000, that award would be reduced by 40 percent, or $40,000, and she would recover a total of $60,000. However, once a plaintiff is 51 percent or more responsible, she cannot recover anything.

Contact a Skokie Personal Injury Attorney

Getting hurt in an accident can result in costly medical bills, extensive rehabilitative therapy costs, and injuries that are so severe that you cannot return to work. You can hold the party that caused your injuries liable by filing a personal injury claim. An experienced Skokie personal injury attorney can discuss your case and your options with you in more detail. Contact Arami Law today to learn more about the services we provide to clients in Skokie, Illinois.