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Factors That Could Make or Break Your Personal Injury Claim

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One of the first questions people tend to have as they begin their personal injury claim is how much their case will be worth. Of course, there is no simple answer to this question. In most situations, there are certain factors that will either make or break your chances of getting the compensation you believe you need and deserve.

These factors include the following:

  • Whether you’re able to prove liability. You need to be able to provide clear evidence that the defendant was at fault in your case. There are a number of different ways of going about this, including an analysis of the crash scene, accident reconstructions and gathering information from witnesses. But if you are unable to prove the defendant had a role in causing the accident, your claim may be destined to fail.
  • Location. Although you’ll be subject to the same general accident laws anywhere in Illinois, each county or city might place a different value on certain factors of your case, which could affect the compensation you potentially receive.
  • How your medical expenses are classified. Insurance companies often attempt to avoid paying by claiming the medical costs you incurred were not reasonable. Therefore, it’s important you get immediate medical care from trustworthy, reputable doctors when you’ve been injured. Insurance companies are not likely to challenge physicians who have an impeccable reputation.
  • Other victims. If there are multiple claimants and victims, you might be forced into accepting a lower compensation value (especially in settlements) because insurance policies would be more likely to hit their maximum coverage amounts.
  • The type of injury. Soft-tissue injuries, for example, usually have lower multipliers on potential damages than injuries like broken bones, brain injuries, spinal injuries or catastrophic injuries.

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