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Which Pieces of Evidence Can I Use to Support my Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident, you should remain at the scene to gather evidence to use later to support a personal injury claim. The only exception to this is if you are in need of critical medical care, in which case you need to get to the nearest emergency care provider as soon as possible. In non-emergency situations, the moments immediately following a collision are important because they provide evidence that often cannot be obtained later.

If you file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your damages following a car accident, you will need to support your claim with evidence that demonstrates the following:

  • Another party’s negligence directly caused an accident;
  • That accident resulted in your specific injury; and
  • The injury caused you to suffer specific financial damages.

Below are common pieces of evidence used to support car accident claims. Note the specific ways each piece of evidence supports one of the three points above.

Your Medical Bills

Your medical bills’ use in your personal injury claim is obvious: this is how you show how much money you had to spend on the medical care you received for your injury. This can include far more than just your doctor visit bills. You can include your bills for medication, hospitalization, physical, occupational, and even psychological therapy, and the costs of assistive medical devices.

The Official Police Report

Do not leave the scene of your accident without a copy of the official police report. This report details the date, time, and weather conditions present at the time of the accident as well as whether any laws were broken when it occurred.

Pay Stubs and Other Documentation from your Employer

If you seek compensation for lost wages through your personal injury claim, you need to show what you were earning prior to the injury and the amount of money you lost, both actual and projected wages, due to taking time off to recover. Permanent disabilities and their effects on your job performance can also factor into this portion of your claim.

A Digital Recreation of the Accident

A digital reconstruction specialist can create an animated video of the accident using the facts you provide like the speed of each vehicle, outside hazards, and the weather conditions at the time of the accident. This can illustrate how the accident occurred for the insurance provider or the court, which can be a very useful tool for demonstrating how the other party’s negligence caused the collision.

Photographs and Eyewitness Testimonies of the Accident Scene

Never underestimate the value of firsthand accounts and images of the accident scene. Take as many photos of the scene and your injury as possible and if there were witnesses to the accident, take down their contact information in case you need to submit copies of their testimonies with your claim.

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