Brain Injuries

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Every single person’s brain is slightly different than the brain of anyone else. Each person’s brain is uniquely-size and uniquely-mapped for that specific individual. That is why no two brain injury cases are exactly alike. Brain injury cases are some of the most complicated injury cases that exist in personal injury law. The injuries themselves can be expensive, and they are further complicated by the fact that the effects of those injuries can be quite profound. A brain injury could affect the victim’s ability to speak, recall certain words, affect their behavior, impact their mobility, or cause loss of memory, among many other cognitive problems.

The brain injury lawyers at Arami Law Office have many decades of experience helping brain injury victims seek recovery from those who are responsible for causing their injuries. No matter the degree of brain injury that you or your loved one has suffered, we will work with you to collect medical evidence that you will need to build a strong personal injury case against those who harmed you. Let us help you seek the recovery you need for your brain injury.

Types of Brain Injuries

There are all different types of brain injuries and these different types of brain injuries have a number of causes. Some of the most common types of brain injuries include the following:

  • Impact injuries, such as a concussion or a blow to the head, from automobile accidents,  accidental falls, or playing contact sports.
  • Open head wounds, which are typically suffered in automobile accidents, construction accidents and workplace accidents.
  • Closed head wounds, such as a brain hemorrhage or bleeding in the brain.
  • Brain injuries due to anesthesia errors or other medical errors that resulted in interpretation of oxygen to the brain.
  • Brain injuries such as cerebral palsy and other forms of brain damage that result from birth injuries or improper or negligent medical care.

Due to the often extensive nature of brain injuries, many brain injury victims require a lot of medical attention, years of rehabilitation, long-term medical care, and often constant supervision after a brain injury. The costs associated with treating and then caring for a brain injury long-term accumulate rather quickly. Even with health insurance, the medical costs associated with a brain injury can put an immense financial burden on a brain injury victim and his or her family.

By working with an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer, you or your loved one can seek financial compensation from those who are responsible for causing the brain injury, including seeking damages for past and expected medical expenses, lost earnings and compensation for pain and suffering.

When You Need A Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer In Chicago

Brain injuries happen as the result of many causes such as automobile accidents, workplace accidents, construction accident, slip and fall accidents, and sports injuries. If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, the attorneys at Arami Law Office are ready and available to help you. We have been helping our clients to seek recovery after suffering all degrees of brain injury, and we want to help you seek recovery too. Please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation regarding your brain injury case.

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