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Throughout the greater Chicago area, pedestrians are at risk due to inattentive drivers, negligent property maintenance and lax safety measures. If you were injured in a collision with a vehicle or a slip-and-fall caused by a hidden hazard, Arami Law can help. For more than a decade, we have been fighting for the rights of injured parties, securing substantial compensation through settlements and jury awards. We take pride in the quality of our representation and the sincere concern we hold for our injured clients.

Pedestrians at risk from Chicago traffic

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, traffic accidents injured 4,762 people in 2012, 134 of them fatally. A pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle can easily sustain disabling injuries to the head, neck and spine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that high-speed collisions (over 50 mph) are greater than 10 times more likely to be fatal than accidents at a moderate speed of 25 mph. Young children and older adults are most often the victims of pedestrian traffic accidents.

As with all traffic accidents, distracted driving, aggressive driving and DUI are major factors. Pedestrian negligence is also a contributor; many pedestrians take risks by jaywalking or darting into traffic. Alcohol often plays a role in unsafe pedestrian behavior.

Experience overcoming obstacles in pedestrian injuries cases with an experienced car accident lawyer

The easiest cases to resolve are auto accidents after which at-fault drivers remain at the scene. Commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks and taxi cabs, are usually sufficiently insured to pay for damages. However, that doesn’t mean the insurance company is eager to pay what is fair. It often takes a concerted effort from a dedicated lawyer to get a reasonable settlement. You should never accept an offer from an insurance company before speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Not every pedestrian injury takes place in a busy crosswalk with a lot of witnesses, and not every at-fault driver stops to render assistance. When a hit-and-run pedestrian accident occurs, your attorney must conduct a full investigation, searching for the driver and witnesses. At Arami Law, we’re determined to overcome such obstacles to help our clients get fully compensated.

Pedestrian accidents unrelated to motor vehicles

Traffic is not the only hazard that pedestrians face. Arami Law also handles premises liability accidents on public and private property that involve:

  • Bicycle collisions
  • Construction hazards
  • Open manholes
  • Potholes
  • Sidewalk/pavement defects

Let our concerned Chicago law office aggressively handle your pedestrian accident claim

Arami Law helps pedestrians recover financially after accidents on the streets and sidewalks of greater Chicago. We’re determined to seek the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us today at (312) 212-1397 or contact our Chicago office online.

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