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Commercial truck accidents pose many challenges for injured plaintiffs. Their injuries are often severe, yet what caused the crash may be hard to establish, and insurance companies commit enormous resources to fight these claims. Without experienced, proven representation, someone who’s been injured in a commercial truck accident may have to settle for much less than is deserved. At Arami Law, we fight for underdog clients. We know how tough it is to oppose a large insurance company that’s determined to pay little, or nothing, on a claim, but we also understand how much you depend on fair compensation to pay for what can be a long recovery period. Our goal is to obtain the maximum amount possible so you can receive the care you deserve.

Establishing causation and fault in Chicago truck accidents

To obtain compensation for your personal injury, you must demonstrate that someone other than yourself was responsible for the crash. Common contributing factors in commercial truck accidents include:

  • Driver error — A truck driver’s negligence may be due to prescription or street drug use, alcohol use, distractions, fatigue or aggressiveness. In most cases, when a driver is negligent, the trucking company must bear legal responsibility.
  • Defective equipment — A faulty truck part can cause a driver to lose control. The defect may be due to poor design, manufacture or maintenance, in which case the companies responsible for those tasks must be held accountable.
  • Improperly loaded cargo — Trucks can tip on sharp turns if the cargo is not balanced. The loading company is the likely culprit, though driver negligence can also be a factor.
  • Road hazards — Poorly designed, constructed or maintained roads can create dangerous conditions that cause truck accidents or make them worse.
  • Other drivers — Many motorists do not know how to drive safely around semi-trucks. They stay in the trucker’s blind spot, inviting collisions when the truck changes lanes, or get squeezed because they don’t give the truck enough room to make wide turns. Drivers who dart into lanes and cut off trucks are often responsible for jackknife incidents. As with auto accidents, if your negligence contributed to the truck accident, the court reduces your recovery in proportion to your fault.

At Arami Law, we subpoena truck company driving logs, interview witnesses and consult with accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the crash. We do everything possible to build a compelling case.

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